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The first single from KINGDØMS’ self-produced EP out Summer 2019, Bankin is a bombastic track straddling indie dance and motown soul. Stay in touch for further release announcements @kingdomsuniverse


Capture the Moon EP

Originally produced with 2-time Grammy Nom’d Pawel Sek (Empire of the Sun, Kanye West) and Jeremy Hatcher (Jax Mannequin), KINGDØMS remade and reissued their first EP in the Fall of 2018. Capture the Moon is a live-show favorite. Perhaps you'll like its soaring chorus, too. The song is a dreamer’s pragmatic answer to the world’s problems as it partakes an existential conversation that ends in the soaring sentiment to live life to the fullest and “capture the moon cuz we rise and we fall and that’s all”. Headspace encapsulates the cinematic nature of that fresh love where the moments are timeless. Wait till you hear the cinematic arpeggiated beauty of the chorus as it rings in like an 80s movie love story.

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Leave the Light On

This sultry and seductive ballad was released in 2015. Soulful vocals, Juno 106, massive guitar solos and a haunting baseline encapsulate this track that was produced by power duo @heartbeats at Treehaus Recording.